eSync Alliance Names New Board and Election of Officers

The eSync Alliance to proud to announce the 2018/2019 Board of Directors:

Cameron Hosner (Alpine), Shrikant Acharya (Excelfore), Steffen Herz (Hella), Mike Gardner (Molex), Franck Lebroussart (ZF)

Furthermore the following are elected as 2018/2019 officers:

  • Shrikant Acharya (Excelfore), Chairman/President
  • Franck Lesbroussart (ZF), Vice President
  • Cameron Hosner (Alpine), Treasurer
  • Mike Gardner (Molex), Secretary
  • Rick Kreifeldt (Motoforza), Executive Director

The Alliance has formed the first two Working Groups:

  • Technical Working Group, Chairman: Steffen Herz (Hella), Vice Chair: Shivangee Bapat(Alpine)
  • Marketing Working Group, Chairman: Mark Singer (Excelfore)

Author: Rick Kreifeldt

Rick Kreifeldt is the Executive Director of the eSync Alliance. A technology executive with 25 years experience and 27 patents in Connected Cars, networked systems and signal processing.


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