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We recently featured an article on Embedded Computing Design on the importance of working together to solve the problem of whole car updates. We are seeing an increased rise in software recalls in every part of the vehicle, this is why at the eSync Alliance we are focused on data gathering and updates for every device in..

Recent reporting from Warranty Week noted that after more than a decade of gradual decline the automotive industry in the US has for the past several years seen a steady increase in overall warranty expenses. Digging into the numbers,CX3 Marketing has been tracking the rise of software-related recalls in the US. According to Andy Gryc,..

We are facing a real turning point in the automotive industry. Software is taking over every part of the vehicle and software recalls are increasing dramatically. Vehicles are being connected to the Internet at a double-digit growth rate, and car hacking and security breaches are getting more not less common. The industry is rushing to..