eSync Alliance Program

A Multi-Company Initiative for OTA Updates and Diagnostics

What is the eSync Alliance?

An initiative throughout the automotive electronics ecosystem

The eSync Alliance creates a high-confidence multi-vendor path to creating end-to-end secure OTA and data services for the connected car through a global network of co-operating suppliers

The eSync System

A Common Architecture and APIs for Cloud-to-End-Device Data-Push and Data-Pull
Protecting safety and privacy with end-to-end cybersecurity
Retrieving and managing 
diagnostic data
Updating and fine tuning software in any number of end-devices
Releasing final builds to cars at transit and dealer locations

Building secure and reliable OTA and diagnostics: a non-trivial exercise Maximum value: one system to reach all devices in the vehicle

Program Components

The eSync Alliance includes the following three components

Alliance Membership

Member companies provide eSync Compliant products or services, and work with other members to support OEM integration efforts

Compliance Program

Defines the architecture, APIs, minimum common feature set, and criteria for a product to use the eSync Compliant mark


Indicates when a product has met all the requirements of the eSync Compliance Program

Program benefits

The eSync Alliance allows all companies in the automotive value chain to benefit from OTA, even if they’ve not acquired an OTA vendor or created an in-house solution
Simplifies OTA deployments by defining and standardizing features and APIs for OTA updates and diagnostics
Seamlessly crosses boundaries of all in-vehicle networks to reach any eSync Compliant module (TCU, ECU, IVI, ADAS, etc)
Covers cloud-to-car connectivity, vehicle gateways, data management, and middleware with end-to-end cybersecurity


Automotive OEMs

  • Seamless and secure end-to-end solution
  • Accelerated integration timelines
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Reduced risk
  • Multi-vendor support

Automotive Suppliers

  • Path to proven OTA and diagnostics capabilities
  • Simplified development
  • Reduced integration time
  • Streamlined delivery
  • Greater value to OEM


The eSync Alliance is working with a number of leading automotive suppliers and is adding new members all the time
Find out how more information about the program including how you can become a certified eSync Compliant member Get in touch